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A plugin to crowd source and automate the grading of submissions to the Moodle assignment (mod_assign) activity built by Open Source Learning, commissioned by Ian Jones at Loughborough University.

By enabling this submission plugin (alongside online text, files etc.) users will, once certain criteria have been met, be prompted to compare pairs of submissions, make comments and choose the better of the two. Once enough of these comparisons have been made they can be fed through an algorithm to automatically grade the assignments, these grades and comments can then be automatically pushed into the grade book.

Judges can be chosen by selecting one or more roles within the context of the course or users who have submitted an assignment.

Emails can be sent to remind those who need to compare some submissions to visit the site and do so.

Comparative Judgement: About
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Comparative Judgement: Image
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Where to find it

The plugin can be downloaded from:


You will also need to install the local_rhandler plugin from:


A submission to the Moodle plugins database is currently pending review.

Comparative Judgement: Text
Comparative Judgement: Image
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