A Moodle plugin to manage simple or complex, recurring, training requirements.

This Moodle plugin was initially built to support a global certification programme with 3,000 internal and external delegates maintaining compliance with the on-going training requirements of six different certifications and has since been used by several of the clients who host their Moodle sites with Open Source Learning. It's a highly flexible, Moodle centric solution to all your recurring training requirements.

The solution has been used for certifying channel sales partners, technicians, internal learners by publishers with CPD offerings, manufacturers training product knowledge and corporate clients managing recurring compliance training.


Certification requirements are configured using a simple tool which allows you to set up multiple tracks covering certification, re-certification and upgrades of lower-certifications.
Users can also be manually awarded certifications individually or via a bulk upload process.


Reminder emails can be drip-fed to remind certified users who's certifications are due to expire.


Built in reports allow administrators to easily view and filter all certification activity.


The devil is in the detail so we have created various additional plugins to support the certification functionality through-out Moodle such as blocks to allow people to validate each others certifications, show an individuals certification to them, manage course enrolments etc.



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