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One requirement that repeatedly comes up within Moodle is the ability to properly track changes to courses and content. Having worked with several clients in regulated industries (finance, security and pharmaceuticals) this was a product we identified as being missing from the market place and so have built a comprehensive tool to meet the need.

Change tracking can be enabled at two levels:

Course - track all changes to content and configuration across the course
Activity - track all changes to content and configuration within a specific activity

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Change tracking can take place in two ways:

Manual - any action that changes content or configuration is detected and the user is prompted to commit their changes with a message. This works well for more complex activities such as databases, lessons etc.

Automatic - changes are automatically detected and recorded with no intervention required from the user. This works well for simpler activities such as pages, SCORM etc.

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All changes are tracked against the individual who made them and when. Any change can be compared to the previous version (to show the exact changes made), the current version (to show the changes made since), or downloaded as a Moodle backup for restoration as a separated activity or course.

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If you would like to know more about the version control system for Moodle or any of the other services that Open Source Learning can provide please get in touch for a demo or conversation.

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