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Fully integrated, fully featured e-commerce for Moodle

ECommerce: Welcome

ECommerce in Moodle has always been a compromise both for the seller and purchaser. Moodle plugins have had very basic functionality while external solution have been expensive, complex and poorly integrated.

At Open Source Learning we have been delivering ECommerce solutions in Moodle for over 10 years and have brought all of our work into a single platform.

Products can be built from bundles of benefits such as:

  • Site access

  • Course enrolments

  • Attempts on quizes

  • Bookings on events (one off or programs)

  • Premium activities

  • Premium topics/sections

Products can have multiple prices including volume pricing, one off payments or subscriptions.

Users can purchase products for themselves or buy vouchers in bulk for distribution to a team.

If you would like to know more either get in touch for a demo or visit the demonstration site and use the test credit card details to experience the platform for yourself.

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