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Moodle language picker

Moodle language picker

The out the box language picker in Moodle isn't great looking and to get the best user experience you will often want to have it visible in places other than the menu bar, for example as a block within a multi-lingual course or added using a filter in some introductory text.


This Moodle block (block_languagepicker) and filter (filter_languagepicker) allows you to embed a graphical language picker anywhere on your instance of Moodle.

You can exclude any languages you don't wish to appear in the picker.

You can override the name displayed to represent any language.

The languages default to the most 'obvious' national flag, but you can override this or even display multiples flags for a single language e.g. Mexico and Spain for Spanish.

Emoji flags are used in browsers that support them, otherwise svg images are used.

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